20 Amazing Pizza Facts

Louis XIII is the most expensive Pizza in the world. It cost around $12,000.

In 2014, James Gilpin got $1268 tip when he delivered two Pizza pies to Indiana Wesleyan University, the United States on Wednesday morning.

Domino’s founder, Tom Monaghan, is one of three people in the world who hold an advanced degree in “Pizza-ology” from “Domino’s College of Pizza-ology” which is a business management program.

America’s first Pizza shop is still operating today. Lombardi’s is a store located at 32 Spring Street on the corner of Manhattan, New York City.

The first time ever pizza was ordered by computer happened in 1974 – Artificial Language Laboratory at Michigan.

In 2011, Pizza was considered as a “Vegetable” by the government.

The United States eat 350 slices of Pizza every second.

Cristian Dumitru, Romanian guy has the world record for eating Pizza. You won’t believe that this guy ate over 200 Pounds.

On 13 December 2012 in Rome, Italy, the world’s biggest Pizza was made by Matteo Giannotte, Dovilio Nardi and Marco Nardi . The total surface area of the Pizza was about 13,580,28 sq ft.

In 2018, Werner Lomker got the title of World’s Fastest Pizza Maker by Domino’s. He made three large size Pizzas in just 57 Seconds i.e each one in 19 Seconds approx.

Eating Pizza once a week can reduce the risk of Oesophagal Cancer.

In 2001, for Russian Space Agency, a Pizza was cost around 1 Million US Dollars to deliver six-inch Pizza to International Space Station.

251,770,000 lbs of Pepperoni are consumed every year.

Longest Pizza Delivery was from New Zealand to Spain by travelling around 19870 Km on July 1st, 2006.

Nobody knows how the word ‘Pizza‘ originated.

NASA funded Scientists to invent a 3D Printed Pizza. Investors received $125000 from NASA to develop the 3D print device.

The US Military invented a Pizza that can last for upto three years 80-degree temperatures.

In 2013, Domino’s made DVDs that smelled like Pizza. DVDs smell like Domino’s when they get hot after played in DVD player. When the DVD is ejected, a thermal ink turned the disk into a mini Pizza with the random messages.

One 18-Inch Pizza gives you more Pizza than two 12-Inch Pizzas. The total area of the circle get increases with the square of the radius. So, greater the diameter of the Pizza, the more Pizza one will get per slice.

Pizza Hut is the Top-Selling Pizza chain in the world.