Why Bhangarh Fort Is Known As Asia’s Most Haunted Place ?

One such Haunted fort in India, where the entrants are warned in advance that before sunrise and after sunset do not even get around this fort otherwise anything terrible can happen to you in this area. It is believed that this fort and the surrounding area of ​​Bhangarh is inhabited by ghosts.

The fort of Bhangarh situated between Jaipur and Alwar in Rajasthan, the regional people there say that in the night there are many terrible sounds from this fort. It is also said that whoever went inside this fort has not come alive till date, but what is the secret of this, nobody has been able to know till date.

According to myth, Princess Ratnavati, whose beauty was unique in the entire Rajputana, became married when she started getting marriage proposals from place to place. One day, an occultist’s gaze turned on princess Ratnavati and he was fascinated by her beauty and decided to get her by abusing her evil power over the princess.

Image Source – Cleartrip

Occultist started gathering every single information of the princess. One day he saw that the princess’s servant is buying perfume for the princess, the occultist fraudulently used his black magic spells in the perfume but a confidant of the princess saw him doing this and told the princess about this.

The princess placed the perfume bottle on a rock and rolled a stone to kill the occultist, but before dying, the occultist cursed the entire Bhangarh to be destroyed and his curse proved to be true later on.

All these stories may be myths, but the experiences of eyewitnesses are make this story very creepy. Some people also have heard the movement of a group of soldiers who were died & the clanging of their weapons there.

The fort of Bhangarh is considered one of the scariest places in Asia, so do not forget that before visiting here, it is not a tourist place. The reason for which Indian Government prohibited the entry of people after sunset and before sunrise.