30 Weird Facts About North Korea

North Korea has only 3 TV Channels provided by their government.

North Koreans are intentionally convinced that Korea is a single independent country.

There is no Traffic Light controlling System in North Korea.

People must take government permission to live in Capital City of North Korea – Pyongyang. The owner of Dirty Vehicle entering the city is fined instantly.

Due to dictatorship, North Koreans have only one option to vote for candidate during Elections.

There is 3 generation punishment rule in North Korea. If one person commits a crime then his whole bloodline with grandparents, parents & children must be sent to prison.

North Koreans are allowed to visit only 28 Websites. Computers are too costly to buy & they need prior permission from government to buy computer.

They have preserved the dead body of their former leader – Kim Jong II in a glass tomb.

Governor also put a bann for wearing Blue Jeans. They sees Blue Jeans as a sign of US Imperialism.

The North Korean calendar is based on the Date of Birth their founder – Kim II Sung

Only 28 hairstyles are available for Korean men to choose while unmarried woman must keep their short hair cut & married woman have more choices.

Smoking Pot & Marijuana are legal in North Korea because they’re not classified as a drug by the government.

North Korea has their own self made rules for Basketball.

Residents of North Korea do not pay the Tax to the government.

North Korea has world’s largest sports stadium (Rungnado May day) capacity more than 1,50,000.

There is no religious freedom for North Koreans because country calls itself as an atheist state.

Kim II Sung, founder of North Korea was born on the day of Titanic Sunk.

Students in North Korea pay for their School Chairs & Desks.

North Korea has compulsory service of military for both men & women.

North Korea uses human shit as a fertilizer.

Women are not allowed to drive in North Korea. VIP’s & Government Officials have permission to drive.

North Korea spends huge part of money in Military. Their 20% of GDP is on Military.

Death Penalty is given for sharing & watching pornography. Possessing Bible is also a crime for them.

North Korea is the world’s only counrty to currently have a US Navy Ship captured.

In North Korea, people are not allow celebrate birthdays on July 8 and December 17, because those are the dates that former ruling leaders- Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il died.